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The field of art education has exploded over the last 20 years and there are now innumerable opportunities for artists to pursue their passion and see their visions come to life. Between the internet, streaming television, and social media, we’ve seen an increased interest in visual arts as well as a plethora of new avenues for artists.

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The art world has been experiencing a steady rise in recent years, with the need for artists (and art experts) to work in museums, archives, and galleries. From creating stunning works of art to providing guidance for general public exhibitions, the job opportunities in the field are limitless. If you’re interested in learning more about what careers are available under this umbrella or you want to know more about your options (and their responsibilities), we have compiled a list of careers in art studies below. 

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Art Education Careers List

The study of art can lead to employment in several career fields. If there is a particular area of art that you are passionate about and would like to nurture into a career, there are traditional paths in the visual and fine arts, applied arts, advertising and marketing, and many other modern forms of media such as animation, graphic design, education, and more that are in the general category of art studies.

Art Dealer

Art dealers are individuals who are employed in the art industry to manage the sale of works of art on behalf of owners. This can be done at an auction, a gallery, or privately with individual clients (including collectors and museums). Based on their field, they may specialize in specific types of arts such as paintings, prints, sculptures, and so forth.

Art Professor

Art professors are educators of art who are employed at colleges and universities. They typically teach a variety of courses on topics such as art history, studio art, visual culture, and more. They may also be responsible forcompleting research of their own to continually add information to existing fields in the study of art.

Art Therapist

Art therapists are professionals who use artistic expression to help individuals, families, and groups identify conflicts they may be having troublenaming on their own. The therapist may use drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and other creative methods to help the client express how they are feeling.

Museum Exhibit Designer

Museum exhibit designers bring art and history to life for the public. They create exciting and interesting displays that tell a story, from arranging the location of artifacts to designing multimedia experiences. Careers in this fieldrequire a combination of visual arts, science, and history and demand an understanding of each of these fields.


A novelist is an author of novels, a long narrative that tells a story and is typically in prose form. Some novelists are professional writers who may contribute to magazines or newspapers, while others may work as a ghostwriter for authors of non-fiction, memoirs, or textbooks.

Talent Agent

Talent agents are entertainment industry professionals whose job is to represent actors, musicians, comedians, and other performers. Agents typically handle everything from helping their clients find auditions to negotiating behind-the-scenes deals for them. Talent agents are also informally called talent managers.

Art Auctioner

Art auctioneers are professionals who organize and oversee the buying and selling of art at auctions. They have an extensive understanding of various types of art and can speak with expertise about each individual piece. Being an art auctioneer requires a vast knowledge in appraising items & speaking about a variety of topics.

Art Historian

An art historian is someone who studies the history of art. There are many branches within this profession - specializing in types of art like painting or sculpture or focusing on a certain era in the past. They often work closely with art curators to help find and show important works that might not be well known to the public.

Art Teacher

Art teachers are experienced professionals with training in the visual arts and art education. They are often trained in a variety of mediums and work with students in a variety of subjects, such as art history, design theory, drawing and painting techniques, sculpture, printmaking methods, photography, and digital media production.


Journalists are professionals who research, analyze, and report on important world events and find meaningful connections among them. The objective of their job is to gather information from sources with knowledge of an event and get that information out to readers or viewers in a way that is interestingto them.

Museum Curator

A museum curator is a professional who takes responsibility for the collectionand day-to-day management of museums, galleries, libraries, or other institutions that preserve the heritage of their subjects. They organize exhibitions and collections, write, and research catalogs, and collect and manage artifacts.


Poets are individuals who write poems. Poets often don't use conventional language in their writing, instead focusing on words that convey meaning in different ways like imagery or symbols to make the reader think about what is being expressed. Some people choose to become a poet because they love writing creatively.

Degrees & Majors

Best Degrees for Art Education Careers

Art studies is an umbrella term for the field of arts education. People with degrees in this field are often involved in developing academic programs around the arts, educating individuals with artistic talents, and serving as consultants who are able to apply artistic principles within industry settings. Graduates from an Art Studies degree program will have skills-sets that can be applied across industries, making them very desirable employees both inside and out of the creative industry space.

Salary & Job Outlook

Highest-Paying Jobs for Art Majors

An art degree is a versatile degree that can lead to many kinds of jobs. Art touches everything from the clothes we wear to million-dollar works of fine art. Unfortunately, many false stereotypes about art as an occupation make it seem like art majors will be living near the poverty line after they graduate. The truth is, high-paying art jobs and lucrative careers are easy to find if you know where to look. Listed below are a few of the best jobs for art majors.

Creative DirectorGraphic Design$114,490$55.04
Design Director – Interior DesignInterior Design$95,200$45.76
Visual DesignerGraphic Design$74,500$35.81
User Interface DesignerGraphic Design$74,200$35.67
Interactive DesignerGraphic Design$73,500$35.33
Fashion DesignerFashion Design$72,300$34.75
Commercial or Industrial DesignerIndustrial Design$71,700$34.47
* PayScale, Best Jobs For Art Majors by Salary Potential, September 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Art Education Careers FAQ

Earning an art studies degree is the perfect bridge towards your dream career. This degree not only gives you a broad overview of the different types of art but also allows for specialization in one particular field. As you take classes covering different art media, styles, and cultural history, you can prepare yourself for a variety of careers in the arts and build skills that can be applied across multiple industries.

A degree in art opens the door to careers in graphic arts, advertising, commercial art for web and print media, painting and drawing, interior design, illustration, and more. The potential for jobs is great if you have a well-developed skill set. That said, the average salary for artists in the United States was $56,736 as of August 27, 2021, according to

According to the College Salary Report conducted by PayScale, the top-ten jobs for art majors by salary potential in 2021 are Creative Director, Design Director (interior design), Design Manager, Visual Designer, User Interface Designer, Art Director, Interactive Designer, Freelance Graphic Designer, Fashion DesignerCommercial or Industrial Designer, and Technical Designer (apparel).