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By TACP Staff on July 08, 2021

Macro photography is a type of photography in which the image captures small or even microscopic details from an object. This technique is often used to create images with high magnification and sharp detail. Macro photography is most frequently employed for making close-up images of flowers, vegetables, insects, or all kinds of other small creatures. Macro photography is also well known for being used in advertising where product shots are taken of small objects. This image trend is able to show the details of a product without overwhelming the viewer with cumbersome details or as a result, confusing them as to what they are seeing. In addition to this technique in advertising, macro photography has been utilized by many galleries for displaying their collections of tiny objects and people.

What Is a Macro Photographer?

A macro photographer is someone who specializes in photographing subjects close up, on a microscopic level using a camera with a macro lens. With a sharp and accurate lens, it’s possible to capture the intricate details of flowers and insects, or the yellow pollen on a blade of grass. In addition to being used in advertising or for artistic purposes, macro photography is used by scientific researchers who need to record minute details of a particular chemical or organism that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

The practice of macro photography requires the use of specialized equipment and techniques designed for photographing subjects 10 to 100 times closer than they would be if shot with a regular lens. This enables the photographer to capture details that would otherwise go unnoticed. From the perspective of an art lover, macro photography can be appreciated for the way it captures nature’s intricacies in detail.

Examples of Macro Photography

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Macro Photographer Salary 

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not distinguish between macro photographers and other types of photographers within the category. The BLS also does not collect salary data on this particular group of highly specialized photographers. However, it is fair to estimate that macro photographers earn an annual salary that is in a range similar to other photographers.  In May of 2020, the BLS reported that photographers earned a mean annual wage of $41,280 per year, which is the equivalent of $19.85 per year. Photographers in the 90th percentile of all earners reportedly made an annual wage of $86,850. 

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