Nature Photographer

By TACP Staff on July 10, 2021

Nature photography is a form of photography that captures natural forms in their natural habitat. Subjects can include anything from forests to the ocean, deserts, or even insects. While the definition of nature photography includes any photographic subjects that are naturally occurring without human interaction, it is often limited to landscapes and wildlife.

Nature photography is not as simple as just going out into nature and taking pictures though; you also need to have control over things like lighting, composition, and exposure in order to create compelling photographs which accurately capture the spirit or mood of what you’re photographing.

What Is a Nature Photographer?

A nature photographer captures the beauty of the natural world. Beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and other scenes from nature are some examples of what you might find in their photos. A nature photographer will sometimes specialize in photographing a single type of species or landscape, such as wildflowers. Such work is often commissioned by conservation groups, which may use the photographs for fundraising and educational purposes. Capturing these images often requires patience and mastery of wildlife photography techniques and composition.

Nature photographers often work for a variety of clients, including the National Audubon Society, National Geographic, or the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). They will typically document a single area for as long as they need to collect their images.

Nature photographers may also choose to pursue a freelance career, which means they work for their own benefit without the aid of a larger organization. Some nature photographers work with nature photography schools to help other people learn the art of nature photography. They might teach classes or go on photography field trips. Some famous nature photographers include Frans Lanting, Joel Sartore, Rachel Sussman and Pete Oxford.

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