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Top education options for a career in the Arts.


Fashion Design


Game Design

Graphic Design

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10 High Paying Art Jobs & Careers

High paying art jobs and lucrative careers in art are available, if you know where to look!

Fashion Designer

Graphic Designer

Interior Designer

Motion Graphics Designer

Textile Designer

UI UX Designer

Video Game Designer

Web Designer

Web Developer

3D Animator

About Us

Last Updated: February 01, 2023 by TACP Staff

The Art Career Project is here to help you make a living doing what you love. We know that the career paths of artists and craftspeople are as varied as the mediums they work in. We also know that many artists have an idea about what they want to do, or what makes them happy, but aren’t sure how to get started.

Our goal is to help you go from having an idea about what you want to do, to actually taking the steps towards becoming a successful artist. Explore our site, read the career profiles, and learn about the skills you need to acquire, the education you’ll need (or want), and how to set yourself up for long-term success.

What We Do

The Art Career Project is the result of years of ongoing research into what artists need to know about how to build long-term careers. We have taken our findings, along with advice from hundreds of working artists, and built career profiles covering hundreds of creative careers. Every profile includes information on important skills and qualifications, education requirements, training options, income potential, and job outlook.

Career Exploration

Visit the site and start exploring! Whether you’re just thinking about art as a career or getting started on your path to becoming a professional artist, we have something for you. We hope that you find our site helpful and that it sparks ideas about how your skills and passion can translate into a career doing what you love.

Education & Training

While we know that many artists and craftspeople begin their careers through on-the-job training, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to build a career in the arts by earning an education. Whether you’re looking to get your bachelor’s degree, graduate certificate, or just learn some new techniques to add to your toolbox, The Art Career Project has information on many of the nation’s top art schools and universities. We also provide in-depth guides to help you understand the benefits of different types of art degrees and programs.

Skills & Qualifications

Before you start practicing your craft or applying to schools, it’s important to understand the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for. The Art Career Project has information on many of the standard requirements you’ll need to be successful—from computer skills to portfolio requirements, to certain soft-skill requirements that set artists apart from other job seekers.

Job Outlook

If you’re just starting out as a new artist, it’s important to understand the job outlook in your field. Many artists and craftspeople jump into their careers with a certain level of optimism, only to find themselves disillusioned when their expected level of success doesn’t happen overnight. We want you to have realistic expectations about what pursuing a career in the arts can do for you—and help you discover where artists and craftspeople are making a living right now.

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