Scholarships for Art Students

By TACP Staff on March 18, 2022

Art Scholarships

The Art Career Project is awarding creators, makers, and emerging artists with art scholarships, grants, and start-up capital to help fund their education, start a new business, or pursue the artistic careers of their dreams. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or experienced artist, we want to support you.

Understanding Your Financial Aid Options

A degree from a typical four-year college or university can be expensive. Many students, even with help from their parents, are unable to cover the costs of education by paying out of pocket. To pay for school, art students must research and apply for various forms of financial aid. Knowing the differences between the many forms of financial aid, how to apply for financial aid, and which types of financial aid are best can help students make smart financial decisions before entering college.

Student Loans

A student loan is a form of financial aid that is awarded to a student for the purposes of education or training. A loan is money you borrow that must be repaid with interest upon the completion of the degree or schooling that has been undertaken and may come from any number of sources such as the federal government, a college, or a private lender. Interest on a student loan begins to grow from the time the loan’s funds are disbursed to you or your school. Interest continues to accrue until the loan is paid off.


A scholarship is a gift offered to someone (generally a student) worth money or other support, that does not have to be repaid. It typically covers tuition, books, and other expenses during the time the student is studying at school. Some scholarships not only offer monetary aid but also funding for living and travel expenses as well. Scholarships are awarded based on merit or financial need. 

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are given to students who meet certain criteria set out by the scholarship program; usually, the criteria are based on academic performance or some other form of achievement. Merit scholarships can be awarded based on grades, test scores, leadership, athletic ability, or community service.

Financial need is typically determined by the student’s family income and assets. Financial need is calculated by subtracting an applicant’s estimated expenses for tuition, room and board, supplies, books, and miscellaneous expenses from the applicant’s expected family contribution (EFC) (which is determined by calculating the total income of both parents and subtracting certain allowances).

Our Featured Art Scholarships

The scholarships featured below are offered exclusively on The Art Career Project. With these scholarships and others like them, you can greatly reduce the cost of your degree.

TACP Scholarship for Emerging Artists$2,000December 15, 2021The Emerging Artist Scholarship was created for aspiring artists and creators who are currently enrolled or pursuing a college degree in art. Open to applicants seeking higher education in applied arts, fine arts, culinary arts, digital arts, drama, fashion, film, music, performing arts, and photography.
TACP Scholarship for Minority Artists$2,000March 15, 2022The Minority Artist Scholarship was created to support underrepresented student groups in the arts and to promote diversity in the profession. Open to applicants who are at least one of the following ethnicities: African American, Native American, Hispanic, Latino, or Asian & Pacific Islander.
*Applicants must be eligible and comply with all official rules.

List of Art Scholarships

Below is a list of scholarship opportunities from private and public sources for those looking to pursue an education in the arts. Before you apply for a scholarship, you must always research the organization that is providing the award. Legitimate scholarship opportunities will never ask you for money. They should also have a clearly defined application process that includes information on how to apply, deadlines, requirements for submissions or qualifications, etc.

Art Scholarships FAQ

A scholarship is a type of financial aid that is awarded to an individual on the basis of ability, achievement, or merit. It is usually given without requiring repayment. In the United States, there are more than 20 million Americans who borrow money to pay for college. However, there are scholarships available for artists and creative professionals with exceptional talents in certain fields such as visual arts, music, and dance. To earn a scholarship for art, you should apply to as many programs as you can that award scholarships to top-performing artists and creative students. There are also many scholarships available for minorities, women, and religious groups.

Is art school expensive? – Yes, it can be! The cost of higher education has reached an all-time high. Education costs are rising every year, putting pressure on parents, students, and anyone who is interested in pursuing a higher education degree at the collegiate level. Thousands of students enroll in college with hopes of improving their lives and finding better jobs. Many of them attend schools that are at the top of the list in terms of cost. Art schools are no exception to this rule. But, there are many ways to reduce the cost associated with an art degree.

A scholarship is an award of financial aid available to a student on the basis of academic merit, need, or talent, that does not have to be repaid. There are many different types of scholarships: some awards for academic achievement, others based on membership in certain organizations, or leadership ability. Most scholarships provide monetary assistance for school costs, but there are also other types of financial aid that may be available in addition to the scholarship and in some cases, a scholarship award can be deducted from your financial need. Be sure to research all your options before accepting a scholarship and think about what costs you could cover on your own.

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